Friday, May 21, 2010

Review of Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is one of those "open world" games set back in the wild west just as the railroad starts to bring the easterners towards the wild country.  You play as a bounty hunter and can really determine how the populous views you.  You can choose to do good deeds and increase your "honor" or rob and steal and decrease it.  There are also lots of side quests to do and collectables to find.  I just started the Marksmanship challenges where you have to shoot birds out of the air or coyotes before they have the chance to attack you (PETA calm down...they are only pixels).

There is also a mulitplayer aspect of this game I look forward to trying where you can roam about the open world and encounter bandits, have mulitplayer deathmatches and duels or form a posse and go bounty hunting.

A great game that is beatiful to behold.  I highly recommend picking this one up

Friday, May 14, 2010

review of Splinter Cell: Conviction

I'm usually a pretty big fan of Tom Clancy's games, they require more thought than Rambo tactics and are usually pretty accurate to life. The splinter cell series is no different. Conviction picks up with Sam Fisher totally washing his hands of Third Echelon and looking for clues into his daughter's death. Through manipulation and threat to a nation that betrayed him but he still loves he gets sucked back into a world of stealth action that he knows too well.

In this game they implemented a few changes that really upset the purist in the fan base. I'll admit that I often had a hard time completing a splinter cell game due to the insane difficulty level. It was toned down considerably and made more of an action game. Think more Jason Bourne movie vs something if the bad guy spots you he is going to call 20 of his gun toting friends and make it impossible for you to succeed.

I really enjoyed the game and thought the story was very good and well presented. It was kind of short but very worth the time.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Read The Road to Oz

I picked up the road to oz as I found it under the free classics in the kindle store. It was a nice little journey through the outer counties the surround the kingdom of oz and it made many references to Dorothy's other adventures in oz. The book was pleasant, short and moved along well. The end got a little tedious naming guests to a birthday party, but not unbearable. It was a pleasant diversion with familiar characters.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Review of Food, Inc.

So far all my movies I've watched have been for entertainment but since wifey has been on a big documentary kick and this movie came recommended by a podcast I regularly watch I queued it up on netflix.  Food Inc is an eye opening insight into how the food industry as a whole is ruining our health in favor of a profit.  I'm sure everyone has heard about growth hormones and steroids in our meat, but the see the extent of the tampering and to see why we are getting e.coli from vegetables was shocking.  I cannot due this film justice by relating stories of chicken coops or massive slaughterhouses, I truly recommend you see this and weight the true cost of your food.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Review of Apocolypse Now

I picked up this movie due to it being referred as a classic in many circles and being referenced in multitudes of other media. It is a very shocking and graphic look at Vietnam war. It is also the longest movie I think I've ever watched clocking in at just under three and a half hours. It was really cool to see the original part of the movie where the quote "I love the smell of napalm in the morning" comes from. What really surprised me is that this being Marlon Brando's famous role (aside from Godfather) he is in the film very little.
I don't think I would recommend this film to everyone but to all film buffs it should be on the must see list.