Thursday, September 30, 2010

Play Halo Reach

WOW!  That's what was on my mind the entire time I was playing Halo Reach.  A prequel set just before the events of Halo Combat Evolved on the original Xbox this game was Bungie's swansong for the Halo franchise.  Bungie is no longer under contract to make Halo games for Microsoft and they did an AMAZING job on this one.  The graphics and story are beyond expectation and the multiplayer (which is something I've never really clocked in on the previous games) is really fun and has over 18 modes to keep things from getting boring.  I really can't say enough about this game, if you are even considering buying it, DO IT.  If you have an Xbox 360, BUY IT.  It's that good, that's all I can manage to say...must get back to controller now.....

watch Ironman 2

I missed the opportunity to see Iron Man 2 in the theatres (I don't get to go to theatres much, not that I want to play $15 to see a movie) so I was really excited that it is finally out on DVD so I could see it.  I remember hearing people saying it was ok, mostly just more of the same of Iron Man 1 but I thought that is defiantly not a bad thing.  I really enjoyed it and this time I can sit and watch it with Gabs as she likes superhero movies.  There isn't a lot of over the top violence, but there is plenty of action.  I didn't let her see the first Iron Man movie for the torture and surgery sequences but this doesn't have any uber intense scenes like that.  There are lots of little hidden gems for people paying attention that hint towards the coming Avengers movie, but not a whole lot of fan lore in the Iron Man story like the first one. 

This is a well made movie, nothing really innovative or groundbreaking, but if you enjoyed the first one pick this up and you won't be sorry!!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Read last Olympian

I finished up the last book in the Percy Jackson series and I must say that I am very glad that I read this series. It was entertaining nearly all the way through, had great characters, a good over-arcing storyline as well as episodic stories and the thing that I really appreciated was the conclusion to the story. I don't want to give much away, but I am getting tired of all these stories that feel the need to have the hero give up something for the good of everyone or sacrifice themselves to save the world. Now I'm not saying that selfishness is an endearing quality in heroes, but I feel that they should be genuinely rewarded from time to time without strings the size tow cables attached. I'm thoroughly happy with the clash of the huge armies, the final fight between Percy and Kronos, and the resolution after the battle. This series is wonderful and if you remotely like the Harry Potter series you should look into this series.

Friday, September 24, 2010

The Expendables

I saw the trailer for The Expendables months ago and thought how great it is that they got all these iconic action stars together for a movie.  Well I was right an wrong.  The action sequences in this movie are pretty good, but the story is next to non-existant.  Someone told me this is the guy equivilant of a romance novel, whole lot of fluff, not a lot of substance.  Unfortunatly I can't even say the action sequences are all that amazing.  They seem to me sort of dated or just on par with the stars' other movies.  Nothing really over the top or memorable that is going to have me popping this in just to see a sequence over again (ie G.I. Joe Paris car chase...AMAZING!!!).  Over all, not a bad movie per say, just not as good of a movie as it could have been or I wished it was I guess.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Play Rock Band 2

I've been playing Rock Band 2 on and off for the better part of a year (I think it was a birthday present) and gotten pretty good at it.  I'm far from playing expert on more than a few songs but for the most part I play hard mode and do pretty well.  Well, after I finished up Halo 3 I was looking through my slim library of video games and remembered that I hadn't finished the tour in Rock Band so I put it in.  Turns out I was only a couple of cities away from finishing the tour and it only took a night or two.  I haven't played guitar hero franchise much, but I do like the rock band instruments much better than the guitar hero ones.  the songs and available library for download are comparable.  Rock Band 3 gets released in a month and has the option of pro level songs where you can actually learn chords and learn to play the songs from what I understand.  Sounds AWESOME to me!

Play Halo 3

With the upcoming Halo Reach release I realized I've played every halo game but halo 3.  I've enjoyed all of them (even ODST) and cannot wait until Reach so I had to know how the story "ended."  This was teh first halo on the 'next generation' consoles and it looks great.  The story telling was well done and clear as long as you can hear the audible cues (Sgt telling you to go to the river or such) but that can be difficult when playing during nap time or while people are talking to you so I missed a few of those.  Luckily if you take a while to start heading in the right direction a little chevron will appear on your HUD and point you in the right direction.  The only thing I can't really sink into is the multiplayer.  I've become a "realistic" combat multiplayer fan (ie Bad Company 2, Call of Duty) where a shot or two and you are done, but in Halo I've put a rocket within 3 feet of a guy and he survived to stick a shotgun up my nose then beat me over the head with it.  Just a COMPLETELY different kind of playing i think, but it has remained the number 2 in number of players playing on Xbox Live so it can't be bad.

All in all a great game, can't wait for Reach to come out!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Watch Love Guru

I was surfing through the netflix queue in kind of a bad mood due to being between games and kind of bored and saw the love guru listed and thought some mindless humor would do me some good. Boy was I right! I had a great time watching this with the wifey. She usually doesn't sit through "stupid humor" but she sat and laughed through this whole movie (I think it might have something to do with the amount of hockey featured on the movie) but I had a good time and really enjoyed the play on Indian words bey had in there like a little Indian town of Harrenmyasse.
This a good laugh to pick up, especially if you are a fan of hockey or the Buffalo/Toronto area.

Friday, September 10, 2010

Tried some coffee

I have been looking over my list and saw an entry that should be pretty easy.  Try Coffee.  So while we were at target wifey got some mocha frappa whipped cream something or other from Starbucks (I don't get how many modifiers can you tag on to a coffee's name at that place) and she was really diggin it and she reminded me that it is an item on my list.  So I tried it.  BLECH!!!  I will admit that the horrible coffee taste was mostly masked by the chocolate and the whipped cream, but it was there.  To me it tastes of acidic burnt heartburn nastiness.  I know I'm in a minority (especially among those that work 3rd shift) but I'll happily take a cup of tea over coffee any day.  I think I'll give it another try to two but I'm crossing this off my list now as tried and shot down!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Meet Guamo!

I sat in on craft time last night and gabby wanted to make a new sock bunny and recruited my help.  By recruited she said could you help me and then wandered off to play while I made it.  I had a pretty good time, and learned how to do quite a few stitches.  But all said and done, meet Guamo, the old dirty bunny (made from my old used socks).