Thursday, February 3, 2011

read The Waste Lands

I was pondering over what to read next for my 30/30 list (I fear that it is a thing I may come up lacking on) and came across a book I read quite some time ago and remembered enjoying greatly.  The Waste Lands is the third in a series of seven books called the Dark Tower saga by Stephen King.  Each book is large (by my standards at least) and for a series to be seven books long seems massive, but this has to be one of the best things I think I've ever read.  In a world that closely parallels our own the last of the gunslingers heads ever towards the Dark Tower.  It's fun to see how in a broken, worn down world little bits of our own have bled through in "thin" spots.  Symbolsim run deep through the whole series and double meanings are everywhere.  If you enjoyed that part of the TV show Lost, this is a series for you!

In this particular installment, the gunslinger has started to lose his mind by a tearing in the timeline caused by him killing and not killing the same person at different times in his journey.  Aided by his new gunslingers in training, Eddie and Suzannah, they start to make real progress towards their destination.  But as they find a means of speeding their progress, perhaps they will have to regretted wishing for a speedier means of transport.

I do love this series, and will probably read the remainder of it.  The library did not have the first two volumes in when I grabbed this one and I remember most of what happend in them anyways.  If you like any of King's other works, they appear throughout the series.  Vampires from Salem's Lot, the man in black from The Stand and many more.


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