Friday, February 12, 2010

Fallout 3 Review

I bought Fallout 3 on it's release back in 10/28/2008.  So why am I reviewing it now?  Well it's partly because I've never had a need to review a game, and partly because I keep picking it up and playing it.  Bethesda has added many hours of gameplay through Downloadable Content.  There is not much I can find at fault with this game, the scenery is beautiful and the story if well thought out and lengthy.  Also there are miles and miles of wasteland to explore with side quests to keep you busy for hours beyond the main quest line.  There are many head nods to pop culture icons (the main character's armor can look like Mad Max) and allusions to the first two games (which Bethesda had nothing to do with) that make the observant smile in between supermutant skirmishes and ghoul battles.

All in all a GREAT game and I can't wait till the new Fallout comes out in the fall.


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