Friday, March 12, 2010

Dual review of War of the Worlds

This is going to be a dual review of War of the Worlds. I read the classic novel this week and wanted to cap it off by watching the recent movie with Tom cruise. I'll start off with my thoughts on the novel. It was written some time ago so the verbiage can be difficult to grasp at times and it's set in London and I'm not too familiar with that area, but the author does a great job of relaying the curiosity that turns to terror as the Martians land and start ravaging the human race.
The film adaptation grasps the general feel of the book, but varies greatly. It's set in more modern times in America and it follows a father with his children instead of a husband. The imagery is very well done and it does line up with what a lot of what I think the Martians would look like, but there is a lot of creative license taken to stretch the book to two hours of movie.
I enjoyed both and think it would be a great idea for teachers to get students to compare and contrast them so they get exposed to the classic literature s well as pop culture version.



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