Sunday, August 1, 2010

Watch Brooklyn's Finest

I sat down to watch Brooklyn's Finest with the expectation of a good cop/bad cop or a dirty cop getting his justice type of movie in mind.  There is some of that but there is very little of the satisfaction curve most people are used to in movies.  There's not a lot of the conflict and the satisfying resolution type of thing going on, it's mostly a depressing take on how much it sucks to be a cop.  There's not a lot of the "I'm glad I'm a cop and I'm helping people" vibe in this movie at all.  This was just a very long downer type of movie for me.

Here's the link to it on IMDB Brooklyn's finest

I don't have a lot good to say about this, maybe because it hits close to home on a few subjects, but I also think that cops in big cities have a bad enough reputation and they don't need movies like this to bring it down further.


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