Thursday, September 30, 2010

watch Ironman 2

I missed the opportunity to see Iron Man 2 in the theatres (I don't get to go to theatres much, not that I want to play $15 to see a movie) so I was really excited that it is finally out on DVD so I could see it.  I remember hearing people saying it was ok, mostly just more of the same of Iron Man 1 but I thought that is defiantly not a bad thing.  I really enjoyed it and this time I can sit and watch it with Gabs as she likes superhero movies.  There isn't a lot of over the top violence, but there is plenty of action.  I didn't let her see the first Iron Man movie for the torture and surgery sequences but this doesn't have any uber intense scenes like that.  There are lots of little hidden gems for people paying attention that hint towards the coming Avengers movie, but not a whole lot of fan lore in the Iron Man story like the first one. 

This is a well made movie, nothing really innovative or groundbreaking, but if you enjoyed the first one pick this up and you won't be sorry!!


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