Monday, September 13, 2010

Play Halo 3

With the upcoming Halo Reach release I realized I've played every halo game but halo 3.  I've enjoyed all of them (even ODST) and cannot wait until Reach so I had to know how the story "ended."  This was teh first halo on the 'next generation' consoles and it looks great.  The story telling was well done and clear as long as you can hear the audible cues (Sgt telling you to go to the river or such) but that can be difficult when playing during nap time or while people are talking to you so I missed a few of those.  Luckily if you take a while to start heading in the right direction a little chevron will appear on your HUD and point you in the right direction.  The only thing I can't really sink into is the multiplayer.  I've become a "realistic" combat multiplayer fan (ie Bad Company 2, Call of Duty) where a shot or two and you are done, but in Halo I've put a rocket within 3 feet of a guy and he survived to stick a shotgun up my nose then beat me over the head with it.  Just a COMPLETELY different kind of playing i think, but it has remained the number 2 in number of players playing on Xbox Live so it can't be bad.

All in all a great game, can't wait for Reach to come out!!


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